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Resource Allocation Avoiding SLA Violations in Cloud Framework for SaaS


Shantanu Sasane, Kaustubh Memane, Abhilash Bari, Aniket Pathak, A. A. Deshmukh


Vol. 15  No. 1  pp. 77-81


Cloud computing has been proved as a boon to distributed computing over a network, having ability to run a program on many connected computing at a same time. It is network based service provided by real server hardware, in fact served by virtual network. It is essential for using any service that makes uses of the Internet Network along with any non native hardware and software. Data center setup and maintenance is very expensive task thus many small scale businesses rely on hosting center to provide the cloud infrastructure to run their systems. In order to deliver hosted services fulfilling service level agreement (SLA), Software as a service provider companies have to satisfy minimum service level of customer that to in less cost. Optimal allocation is tedious task due to 1) heterogeneity in resource allocation 2) difficult to map customer request to infrastructure level parameter. 3) Managing dynamic change of customer. In this paper we introduce a framework called SLA-Based resource based allocation to reduce infrastructure cost and service level agreement violation offering control over all elements of the supplied by infrastructure provides


Cloud Computing Resource Allocation Service Level Agreement (SLA) Hosting center