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An Approach to Look Up Documents in a Library Using Singular Value Decomposition


Nguyen Dinh Thuc, Nguyen Thon Da


Vol. 15  No. 1  pp. 88-91


Building an search engine with high effect is really essential. The intent of this paper is to introduce the reader to SVD reduced dimension applied for looking up documents in the library under University of Economics and Law, HCMC, Vietnam. Using method LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing, we will compute a concept-based query vector and find out concept-based document vectors. We consider every query is a document. The problem given is finding out the relationship among us. Finally, We will compute the cosine between concept-based query vector with every of concept-based document vectors. The cosines which close to 1 the best is ones we need. From the cosines we choose, we will be easy to indicate relevant documents


SVD, singular value decomposition, information retrieval, text mining, searching document