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The Design and Implementation of ZigBee-Wi-Fi Wireless Gateway


Rakesh Manukonda, Suresh Nakkala


Vol. 15  No. 1  pp. 96-101


The application of WSN/ZigBee is growing popularity and how to connect WSN/ZigBee to the present standard network seamlessly is an issue what is worth studying. In this paper, it designs and realizes a ZigBee?Wi-Fi wireless gateway based on STM32W108 RF chip and embedded Wi-Fi module. In ZigBee network, wireless gateway as a sink, it receives data from sensor nodes and interacts with them. In WLAN, wireless gateway communicates with PC or network servers by means of AP. Both the hardware scheme and software scheme of the wireless gateway are introduced. Then the performance of the wireless gateway is tested, and the result shows that it can be used for general purposes and the performance is stable. The wireless gateway can realize communication effectively between ZigBee network and WLAN


ZigBee Wi-Fi wireless gateway STM32W108