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Secure Transmission Over Remote Group: A New Key Management Prototype


K.Sudha, J.Prem ranjith, S.Ganapathy


Vol. 15  No. 1  pp. 102-105


The problem of efficiently and more secure broadcasting to a remote co-operative group occurs in many newly emerging networks. The most challenging in devising such systems is to overcome the problems of the potentially limited communication from the group to the sender, the un-avail of a fully trusted key generation center, and the dynamics of the sender. The present key management paradigms can’t deal with this problem effectively. In this paper, we circumvent these obstacles and fill this gap by proposing a novel key management paradigm. The new paradigm is a hybrid of traditional broadcast encryption and group key agreement. In such a system, each member maintains a single public/secret key pair. Upon seeing the public keys of the members, a remote sender can securely broadcast to any intended subgroup chosen in an ad hoc way. Following this model, we instantiate a scheme that is proven secure in the standard model. Even if all the non-intended members collude, they can’t obtain any useful information from the transmitted messages. After the public group encryption key is extracted, both the computation overhead and the communication cost are independent of the group size. Furthermore, our scheme facilitates simple yet efficient member deletion/addition and flexible rekeying strategies. Its strong security against Collusion, its constant overhead, and its implementation friendliness without relying on a fully trusted authority render our Protocol a very promising solution to many applications


Access control, ad hoc networks, broadcast, cooperative computing, information security, key management