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Enhancing Authentication Protocol from Unauthorized Access


M.Muthuselvi, P.Jeevananthini, B.Vijayakumar


Vol. 15  No. 1  pp. 123-126


More web-based services involve distribution of content like digital video, audio, software, online games, stock quotes, from online stream presentations, and online live news feeds through distributed networking technologies, like Content Distribution Networks (CDN’s), multicast networks, and peer-to-peer networks. So protect delay sensitive streams against malicious attacks, modification of content security mechanisms and auditing mechanisms need to be designed to efficiently process for user.So here propose a novel signature amortization technique based on trapdoor hash functions for authenticating each and every individual data blocks in the stream. So technique provides for each and every intermediate blocks in the stream Communication overhead should be minimized, prevent the content from unauthorized person


Stream authentication, cryptography, content distribution network, trap door functions