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Study on a Secure Wireless Data Communication in Internet of Things Applications


Chibiao Liu, Jinming Qiu


Vol. 15  No. 2  pp. 18-23


Internet of Things (IOT) applications are being widely deployed in many industrial and social fields, and guarantee of the safety of IOT related data transmission is the key for successful IOT related businesses. Our study provides a new way to secure the data transmission of the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) related IOT applications. The WLAN-based IOT application is mainly composed of WLAN sensor nodes, the WLAN gateway, transmission networks and the data service center. The WLAN gateway collects data from sensor nodes in real-time and sends the collected data to the data service center via the transmission network. Since many WLAN-based IOT applications involve critical services, such as power, water, industry productions and health care, the data transmission between the wireless gateway and the data service center is required to be secured for preventing crypto attacks, such as traffic analysis, man in the middle, session hijack, unauthorized access, masquerading, eavesdropping, replay, tampering and forgery. In this paper, we propose an integrated approach to secure the data transmission of the WLAN-based IOT applications. Meanwhile, we conduct experiments and theoretical analysis to study the performance of the proposed integrated security approach it shows that the integrated approach is a new and effective way to secure the data transmission of the WLAN related IOT applications


Internet of things, Wireless security attacks, Secure data transmission, Performance overhead