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DGPPIsAS :A Dynamic Global PPIs Alignment System


Sarwar Kamal, Shuxiang Xu, Sonia Farhana Nimmy, Mohammad Ibrahim Khan


Vol. 15  No. 2  pp. 29-37


In the view of Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics Engineering, investigating proteins networks of separate species in a significant way is definitely one of the most important problems in ongoing evolutionary and systems biology research and experiments. PPIs networks enable to check the sequence of proteins in a unique fashion. Dynamic PPIs Alignment System (DPPIsAS) is an algorithm based system that enables to find out the proteins associated in a certain network. DPPIsAS used Protein Road Discovery (PRD) to determine the similar proteins that shares the interactions. After PRD, Protein Road Maintenance (PRM) is assured under several steps. How the proteins interact is checked by Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA). Finally, the results are depicted based on the closeness, betweenness, average distance, and degree and edge betweenness.


Protein Road Discovery (PRD), Protein Road Maintenance (PRM), Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA). DPPIsAS