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Image Scrambling Methods for Image Hiding: A Survey


Reema Rhine, Nikhila T Bhuvan


Vol. 15  No. 2  pp. 86-91


With the explosive growth of internet and the fast communication techniques in recent years the security and the confidentiality of the sensitive data has become of prime and supreme importance and concern. In order to protect this data from tampering and unauthorized access various methods for data hiding like authentication, hashing, cryptography have been developed and are in practice today.In this paper, a data hiding mechanism based on the application of Rubik’s cubic algorithm is proposed. The biggest advantage of using this algorithm is that, a Rubik’s cube possesses 6 faces and it can be divided into 54 (6 faces*3*3) elements for scrambling process. This paper also explores the properties of Arnold’s cat map, a method for mapping of the pixels of an image. An image is hit with a transformation that apparently randomizes the original organization of its pixels. However, the original image reappears if iterated enough times. The paper also presents a comparative analysis of these techniques


Data Hiding, Rubik’s cubic, Information security