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Cryptographic Mutual Authentication System with HMAC for Networking Application


Ansu Merin Varughese, M.Lakshmi


Vol. 15  No. 2  pp. 119-122


Mutual Authentication is a process which involves two way authentications where both the user and system must convince each other that they know the shared secret password. It is a part of security which is ascertained at the time of initiation of the communication between the two communicating entities like client and server. It is defined as a security module which is defined at the time of starting of communication between the two communicating entities such as client and server due to the unlimited amount of insecure and malicious intruders it becomes significant to protect the network communication. The mutual authentication is performed using challenge-response handshake with HMAC. It will be performed in a bidirectional way, the server ensures that the client knows the secret and client ensures that the server knows the secret, which protects against a unreliable server impersonating the real server. Here the working of this mutual authentication system is verified using a client and server communication which accesses a file, the HMAC is applied on it for providing better data authentication and data integrity


authentication, challenge-response, client challenge, server challenge, hash message authentication code