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Phishing Webpage Detection for Secure Online Transactions


Sathish .S, Thirunavukarasu .A


Vol. 15  No. 3  pp. 86-90


Problem Statement: Phishing Websites are duplicate Web pages created to mimic real Websites in-order to deceive people to get their personal information. Because of the adaptability of their tactics with little cost Detecting and identifying Phishing Websites is really a complex and dynamic problem. In this project, a novel approach is proposed for detecting phishing Websites. In the proposed model three layers of criteria are used. In the first layer Google page rank and IP address in URL are used. In the second layer domain name characteristics are used. In the third layer quality of the web page content are used. Fuzzy logic is used to classify the web pages according to their rank.


Google Page Rank, Domain Name, Fuzzy Logic