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Energy Efficient Multi Hop Wireless Network for Ships using Two State Routing Protocol


Selvaganesan.M, Manikandan.R


Vol. 15  No. 3  pp. 96-102


Problem Statement: The expensive satellite communication currently accessible from ships is ill equipped to meet the needs of a growing number of seafaring Internet users. In order to provide cheap and high-speed Internet access to ships, the radio coverage of existing broadband networks can be extended through a multi-hop network that provides wireless links between neighboring ships. One of the most important issues in such networks is the appropriate choice of a routing protocol that provides efficient and reliable communication. In this paper, a maritime two-state routing protocol for a multi-hop ship network is proposed that provides efficient and reliable communication with a minimum of overhead. The maritime path loss model considered for simulations and the mobility model used in this paper represent real traffic of ships. In this paper, the proposed routing protocol is compared to the leading alternatives and simulation results are presented to quantify the performance. Results: The proposed work is implemented in NS2 and the performance metrics like throughput, packet delivery ratio delay and bandwidth are measured and compared with existing protocol. Conclusion/Recommendations: This System shows that our gateway selection to improve the quality of service, network throughput and packet delivery ratio with low energy power consumption per node.


VANET, QoS, gateway selection, GMA