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Gateway Migration Algorithm between Mobile Node and Gateway Node


Divya A.S, Krishna Ganesh S.M


Vol. 15  No. 3  pp. 103-109


Problem Statement: Multiple gateway selection schemes have been proposed that selects gateway nodes based on Quality of Service (QoS) parameters such as path load capacity and delay. Approach: I propose a Gateway Migration Algorithm (GMA) to select the gateway with multiple QoS path parameters such as path availability period, available load capacity and latency. If the traffic source node is moved on another gateway transmission range, then it transfers the traffic on that path via another gateway. To improve the overall network performance, it is necessary to select a gateway with stable path, a path with the minimum residual load capacity of path and minimum latency. Results: The proposed work is implemented in NS2 and the performance metrics like throughput, packet delivery ratio delay and bandwidth are measured and compared with existing protocol. Conclusion/Recommendations: This System shows that our gateway selection to improve the quality of service, network throughput and packet delivery ratio with low energy power consumption per node.


MANET, QoS, gateway selection, GMA