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It Cannot Get Away: An Approach to Enhance Security of User Account in Online Social Networks


Abdulrahman Muthana, Abdul Azim Abd Ghani, Rmlan Mahmod


Vol. 15  No. 4  pp. 1-7


The rapid development of internet technologies, lead to the growth of Online Social Networks (OSNs). Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, MySpace, Orkut are well-known examples of online social networks. Although, existence of OSN networks makes the communication easier than ever, it introduces various types of security issues like identity impersonate, privacy-related issues due to losing user account. Online Social Networks (OSNs) provide various security schemes to protect user account, however in many situations such schemes are not adequate and the owners of the accounts find themselves unable to regain control of their accounts. This paper proposes a simple yet reliable security approach that allows users to protect their accounts in online social networks OSNs from unauthorized access. The proposed approach will improve the Quality of Service (QoS) by enhancing the existing security schemes and will considerably mitigate the effects of unauthorized access in online social networks OSNs.


Online Social Networks (OSNs), Recovery Token, Security, Quality of Service (QoS), Authentication