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PB-OLSR: Performance Based OLSR


Mohamed DYABI, Abdelmajid HAJAMI, Hakim ALLALI


Vol. 15  No. 4  pp. 106-114


Ad hoc network consists of mobile nodes which communicate with each other through wireless medium without any fixed infrastructure. As a result, to ensure routing service, nodes must act as a router. If one of them is malicious, it would represent a threat against the security of the network. The router role is resource consuming since it’s always switched on and is responsible for the long-range transmission. to send a bit over 10 or 100 m distance, Manet’s nodes consume resources that can perform thousands to millions of arithmetic operations. It is here that our work gives great importance to node performance and trust. This work consists of two parts: The first one is to propose a model to measure the performance and the trust of network nodes, and the second part is to improve network performance by the integration of a new version of OLSR protocol, (PB-OLSR).


Adhoc, Olsr, Mpr, Trust