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A Syntactically Enriched Tool Enabling Dynamic Binding to Web Services


Oyebode Kazeem Oyeyemi, Esenogho Ebenezer


Vol. 15  No. 5  pp. 60-65


Software availability and reliability is crucial within the context of critical software systems that depend on web services to fulfill their business processes. As such, there is need to cater for scenarios where there is a failure in a given web service, servicing a particular software system. There should be a fall over mechanism from a failed web service to another in real time in order to maintain software availability to service request. Based on this argument, we propose a software tool called D-Web Service. D-Web Service tries to improve the reliability and availability of software systems leveraging web services by providing a platform for automatic switching from a failed web service to an available web service performing the same functionality. To achieve this capability, D-Web Service provides a repository where acquired web services are uploaded, providing an avenue for software systems to select from a pool of available web services at runtime. The capability of D-Web Service is put to test by another critical software system called Global Money Transfer (GMT).


Web services, dynamic binding, D-Web Service, GMT