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A Secure Electronic Payment Protocol Design and Implementation


Houssam El Ismaili, Hanane Houmani, Hicham Madroumi


Vol. 15  No. 5  pp. 76-84


Electronic payment is the very important step of the electronic business system, and its security must be ensured. SSL/TLS and SET are two widely discussed means of securing online credit card payments. Because of implementation issues, SET has not really been adopted by e-commerce participants, whereas, despite the fact that it does not address all security issues, SSL/TLS is commonly used for Internet e-commerce security. The three-domain (3D) security schemes, including 3-D Secure and 3D SET have recently been proposed as ways of improving ecommerce transaction security. Based on our research about SSL, SET, 3D security schemes and the requirements of electronic payment, we designed a secure and efficient E-Payment protocol. The new protocol offers an extra layer of protection for cardholders and merchants. Customers are asked to enter an additional password after checkout completion to verify they are truly the cardholder, the authentication is done directly between the cardholder and card issuer using the issuer security certificate and without involving the third party (Visa, MasterCard)


E-commerce, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Electronic Transaction (SET), 3D-Secure