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Average Gabor ? Wavelet Filter Feature Extraction Technique for Facial Expression Recognition


Rohan Singh, Sanjay Jadhav, Shweta Sharma, Sandeep K. Gupta


Vol. 15  No. 5  pp. 102-104


Facial Expression Recognition has been a very important topic for research in pattern recognition and currently there is no method of facial Expression recognition system that have 100% recognition rate. So research issues are to improve recognition rate by improving the preprocessing of datasets, improving the feature extraction method and using the best classifier for facial expression recognition. Feature extraction is the key step on which recognition rate depends for facial gesture recognition. High dimension and high redundancy is a problem issue for Gabor while it has maximum variance of features. Dimension and redundancy should be reduced using filtering technique. In the proposed Gabor feature extraction technique the Gabor features are filtered using wavelet transformation and obtained optimum features from facial Gabor matrices.


Facial Expression Recognition, Gesture, DWT, Gabor Filter