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Node Consistency based Localization System for Wireless Sensor Network


Ankur mishra, Ranjeet Jaiswal


Vol. 15  No. 5  pp. 105-111


Stability is one of the major concerns in advancement of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). A sensor networks consist of numerous tether less devices that are released into the environment and organize themselves in an ad-hoc fashion. The goal of the network is to perform a monitoring task, and knowledge the physical location of the individual nodes is therefore essential. Death of the first node might cause instability in the network. Therefore, all of the sensor nodes in the network must be alive to achieve the goal during that period. we have address these challenges in the context of application where the accurate location estimation of the sensor node is essential nodes This paper considers localization in Wireless Sensor Net-works (WSNs) using trilaterlation algorithm which is the most widely used approach in experimental and industrial localization systems. And estimated distance between nodes is calculated by using Received Signal Strength (RSSI) method. The performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated by simulating it using NS2. Proposed method along with the previous method is simulated. Many experiments were performed with different topologies and random deployment of the nodes. Simulations with our approach have shown significant reductions to the required processing and communication overhead.


Localization, Positioning, Trilaterlation, ORV, NS2.