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Real-Time Communication Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks Applied for Smart Home


Salsabil Gherairi


Vol. 19  No. 8  pp. 31-38


In this paper, we propose a Real-Time Communication Tree Building approach (RT-CTB) for critical Sensor Networks (WSN). This approach aims to provide communications between sensor nodes that respect of real-time constraints with the prediction of the communication delays as well as improving the Sensors Network Lifetime (SNL) of these networks in order to have maximum longevity. The building of the real-time communication trees is done periodically depending on the load and the remains energy in each sensor. This approach is applied for Smart Home where the existence of the events that require that the information should reach the base station before the delay such as the fire. The simulation results show that our RT-CTB approach is better than non-real time approaches. We have compared our results to other works and we have proved the efficiency of our approach in terms of energy and delay.


Wireless sensor networks, real-time, communication tree, delay, lifetime, smart home.