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IOT Based Smart Energy Harvester Linked to Human Body Motions (ISEHLHM).


Zahoor Hussain , S. Zafar Nasir, Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Hammad-u- Salam , Raza Hussain Shah4†, Syed Faiz ul Huda , Sara Hafeez Rajput


Vol. 19  No. 8  pp. 63-69


Smart Energy harvesting holds a great promise in near future for generating a feasible amount of electrical power to drive partial circuits in wirelessly communicating electronics devices. This paper presents an overview and progress achieved in RF energy harvesting field. The aim of Energy Harvesting is to harness energy available through environmental resources.. The development of advanced techniques have given impetus to capture, store and manage natural energy by transforming it into electrical energy. Moreover, advancements in microprocessor technology have increased power efficiency, effectively reducing power consumption requirements. From the point of view of wearable electronics devices, the most efficient Energy Harvesting system for energy capturing is that to use devices inserted into the shoes. In this paper, we have presented a novel approach using two different types of Body Strapped Harvesters with the objective to harness energy by capitalizing on energy generated through human body motions to charge a GPS device. Preliminary comparative results of two different scenarios have also been compared on the basis of costs, feasibility and energy harvesting capabilities.


Knee Strapper, thermoelectric generator sp-1848, Armed Strapper, heat sink sheets,