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Up-Link : Coded Cognitive MIMO MC-IDMA System for Frequency-Selective Channel


Asharani Patil1†, G.S.Biradar2† and K.S.Vishvaksenan3††


Vol. 19  No. 8  pp. 70-77


The performance outcomes of Cognitive-coded MIMO Multi-carrier-IDMA system for uplink transmission. Cognitive Radio Network is a device for frequency-sensitive in wireless technology by which we can exploit available ideal spectrum, disperse the radio spectrum vigorously for mobile network. In IDMA, interleaving pattern is defined as user-specific and low-spreading code is exploited. We implement iterative decoding algorithm at base station to diminish the adverse issues of Primary users interference (P-MUI) and secondary multi-user interferences(S-MUI) thereby enhancing error-rate performance with lower value of SNR ratio. In our work, We split the spectrum carefully and we allocate the sub-band spectrum frequency for various users to enhance the bandwidth. We exploit V-BLAST architecture to achieve higher data rate. We build random-interleaver based user-specific pattern. Further we study and present the simulation results of cognitive MC-IDMA systems for frequency-selective channel with ZF-OSIC and MMSE-OSIC detection algorithm. Our simulation results reveal that coded-Cognitive MIMOMC-IDMA system provides robust error-rate performance while offering better data rate in the presence of multi-user interference for uplink communication. Subsequently we explored that Cognitive MC-IDMA system effectively accomplishes the solution to higher bandwidth.


Channel encoder, Interleave division multiple accesses (IDMA), Minimum-MSE, Zero forcing (ZF).