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Spread Reach - A multipurpose network connectivity model


P. Ananda Kumar Arockia Xavier Annie R, G. Jaganathan and R. Arshad Ari


Vol. 19  No. 8  pp. 123-126


Reachability is important factor in any sort of activity happening in the real world. Specifically, in providing help to common people, it becomes the success of an activity that is measured using the amount of reach the activity achieves. People are connected in this world with physical interconnections. This interconnections occupy, a lot of space, matter and sometimes it is not feasible in few places. Thus reachability factor gets affected. Nowadays, we are moving towards wireless connectivity to enhance the reach and the effect is multifold. As it can be easily achieved in many places and ease of use for common people, we try to improve the reachability using wireless communication and use the achieved reach as a tool to provide basic connectivity.


Networking, nodejs, javascript, helptool, roadways, hospitals, police, public