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Spectroscopic Analysis of Lithium Fluoride (LiF) using Laser Ablation


Saifullah Jamali, Waseem Ahmed Bhutto, Altaf H. Nizamani, Hussain Saleem, Murad Ali Khaskheli, Abdul Majid Soomro, Ali Ghulam Sahito, Nek Muhammad Shaikh, Samina Saleem


Vol. 19  No. 8  pp. 127-134


This paper presents a study of plasma emission from Lithium Fluoride surface produced by Q-switch Laser (Nd: YAG Laser) having 1064 nm wavelength. The sample has been targeted with Q-switch laser pulses at atmospheric pressure in air. Only neutral Lithium (Li) is confirmed in the emission spectrum of Lithium Fluoride plasma. The Boltzmann distribution technique was used to calculate Electron Temperature(T_e). Similarly, Stark Broadening Profile (SBP) technique was used to calculate the Electron Number Density(N_e). T_e is estimated at variable distances along the propagation of plasma plume from the sample surface. Beside that we studied the changing of N_e as a function of distance along the propagation of plasma plume from the surface of the sample. We have also calculated the Inverse Bremsstrahlung (IB) absorption co-efficient and its variation along the distance. It is observed that the T_e, N_e and IB absorption co-efficient decreases as distance increases. In addition, self-absorption of radiation also decreases as temperature decreases.


Electron number density, Electron temperature, Inverse Bremsstrahlung Co-efficient, Laser Ablation, Lithium Fluoride,