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Results Of Mathematical Modeling Of Organizational And Technological Solutions Of Effective Use Of Available Resource Of Modern Roofs


Iryna Arutiunian, Katerina Mishuk, Natalia Dankevych, Artem Yukhymenko, Victor Anin, Maryna Poltavets, Tetiana Sharapova


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 49-54


Relative to the outer surface of the mastic coating, the reliability of the available waterproofing resource is determined by the ability to stabilize the structural characteristics in difficult climatic conditions. Organic components of mastic as a result of solar radiation, elevated temperatures and their alternating change, atmospheric oxidants, especially in industrial areas, have a tendency to self-polymerization and loss of low molecular weight components. This is the gradual loss of deformability and the transition to brittleness with its tendency to crack as the reasons for the gradual transition from normal to emergency operating condition.The presented mechanism of functioning of the coating surface indicates the expediency of increasing its components, able to stabilize the structure and prevent changes in deformability.Durability, hydrophobicity, water displacement, water absorption are accepted as estimating indicators. The main dependences of the influence of the lost additional components of mastic on the operational properties of the formed coating characterize the ability to provide successful resistance to environmental influences and longer stability. As a result, mastic acquires additional service life.


Career Choices, Software Development, Software Engineering, Software Industry