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User Interface Design & Evaluation of Mobile Applications


Najwa Samrgandi


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 55-63


The design functionality put forward by mapping the interactiveness of information. The presentation of such information with the user interface model indicates that the guidelines, concepts, and workflows form the deliverables and milestones for achieving a visualized design, therefore forming the right trend is significant to ensure compliance in terms of changing consideration and applying evaluation in the early stages. It is evidenced that prototype design is guided by improvement specifications, includes modes, and variables that increase improvements. The study presents five user interface testing methods. The testing methods are heuristic evaluation, perspective-based user interface testing, cognitive walkthrough, pluralistic walkthrough, and formal usability inspection. It appears that the five testing methods can be combined and matched to produce reasonable results. At last, the study presents different mobile application designs for student projects besides the evaluation of mobile application designs to consider the user needs and usability.


User interface, Prototype design, Testing methods, Mobile applications, design evaluation.