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Security Threats and Attacks in Internet of Things (IOTs)


Sara Mutlaq Almtrafi1 , Bdour Abduallatif Alkhudadi1, Gofran Sami2 and Wajdi Alhakami1


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 107-118


The term Internet of Things (IoTs) refers to the future where things are known daily through the Internet, whether in one way or another, as it is done by the method of collecting various information from various sensors to form a huge network through which people, things and machines are helped to make a link between them at all time and anywhere. The IoTs is everywhere around us such as connected appliances, smart homes security systems and wearable health monitors. However, the question is what if there is a malfunction or outside interference that affects the work of these IoTs based devises? This is the reason of the spread of security causes great concern with the widespread availability of the Internet and Internet devices that are subject to many attacks. Since there aren’t many studies that combines requirements, mechanisms, and the attacks of the IoTs, this paper which explores recent published studies between 2017 and 2020 considering different security approaches of protection related to the authentication, integrity, availability and confidentiality Additionally, the paper addresses the different types of attacks in IoTs. We have also addressed the different approaches aim to prevention mechanisms according to several researchers' conclusions and recommendations.


Security; IoTs; Security; Attacks