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Protection of a Multicast Connection Request in an Elastic Optical Network Using Shared Protection


BODJRE Aka Hugues F?lix, ADEPO Joel, COULIBALY Adama, and BABRI Michel


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 119-124


Elastic Optical Networks (EONs) allow to solve the high demand for bandwidth due to the increase in the number of internet users and the explosion of multicast applications. To support multicast applications, network operator computes a tree-shaped path, which is a set of optical channels. Generally, the demand for bandwidth on an optical channel is enormous so that, if there is a single fiber failure, it could cause a serious interruption in data transmission and a huge loss of data. To avoid serious interruption in data transmission, the tree-shaped path of a multicast connection may be protected. Several works have been proposed methods to do this. But these works may cause the duplication of some resources after recovery due to a link failure. Therefore, this duplication can lead to inefficient use of network resources. Our work consists to propose a method of protection that eliminates the link that causes duplication so that, the final backup path structure after link failure is a tree. Evaluations and analyses have shown that our method uses less backup resources than methods for protection of a multicast connection.


Elastic optical network, multicast protection, multicast tree, segment protection.