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Web Hypermedia Resources Reuse and Integration for On-Demand M-Learning


Jawad Berri, Rachid Benlamri, Yacine Atif, and Hajar Khallouki


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 125-136


The development of systems that can generate automatically instructional material is a challenging goal for the e-learning community. These systems pave the way towards large scale e-learning deployment as they produce instruction on-demand for users requesting to learn about any topic, anywhere and anytime. However, realizing such systems is possible with the availability of vast repositories of web information in different formats that can be searched, reused and integrated into information-rich environments for interactive learning. This paradigm of learning relieves instructors from the tedious authoring task, making them focusing more on the design and quality of instruction. This paper presents a mobile learning system (Mole) that supports the generation of instructional material in M-Learning (Mobile Learning) contexts, by reusing and integrating heterogeneous hypermedia web resources. Mole uses open hypermedia repositories to build a Learning Web and to generate learning objects including various hypermedia resources that are adapted to the user context. Learning is delivered through a nice graphical user interface allowing the user to navigate conveniently while building their own learning path. A test case scenario illustrating Mole is presented along with a system evaluation which shows that in 90% of the cases Mole was able to generate learning objects that are related to the user query.


On-demand learning, learning object, web hypermedia resource, resource integration, mobile learning system.