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Performance Evaluation of Elderly Home Automation Control (EHAC) IoT System


Karsten Cheng Kai Phua, Wei Wei Goh, and Mohsen Marjani


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 214-219


As the number of elderly increased rapidly every year, many elderly still choose to stay independent despite of difficulties and challenges faced in their daily routine. Elderly has desperate needs for support for their living. Internet of Things helps to support and improve elderly’s life in many ways to meet the needs and requirements. Home Automation Control (EHAC) is a research based system that support elderly with controlled automation solution that control and operates various home electrical appliances based on the measurement of heart pulse rate and environment temperature. This paper works on EHAC system to evaluate the performance of the system in elderly’s daily routine. This paper presented experiments conducted with approach of IoT testing and discussion on analysis of the results.


Internet of Thing (IoT), Testing, Elderly, Automation, Sensors