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Introducing Contemporary Blockchain Platforms


Malak Suliman Alrumaih


Vol. 21  No. 4  pp. 9-18


Blockchain and its infrastructure technology have expanded rapidly in the last decade and are in high demand, but there is a lack of comprehensive studies on those platforms. Blockchain is a new technology based on the distributed digital ledger system. Decentralized trust is one of the key factors behind the blockchain-based system. Transparency of such a system is better than a conventional centralized ledger system. By using a blockchain-based transaction system, any business organization can harness key benefits like data integrity, confidentiality, and anonymity without involving any third party in control of the transactions. Since the blockchain is used in numerous applications and the horizon is expanding at an unprecedented pace. So, there is a need for an introducing and reviewing of blockchain platforms. In this paper, we have reported a review on existing contemporary blockchain platforms. In particular, From the existing studies, we have identified eighty blockchain platforms and the majority of them have a lack of technical details. To provide the researchers a comprehensive introducing on blockchain platforms to perform a broad guideline for future research and investment in the blockchain domain.


Blockchain, platforms, Distributed Ledger, Bitcoin, Decentralized Trust. Ethereum, Hyperledger