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The Role of Information and Communication Technology to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic: Emerging Technologies, Recent Developments and Open Challenges


Muhammad Arshad


Vol. 21  No. 4  pp. 93-102


The world is facing an unprecedented economic, social and political crisis with the spread of COVID-19. The Corona Virus (COVID-19) and its global spread have resulted in declaring a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The deadly pandemic of 21st century has spread its wings across the globe with an exponential increase in the number of cases in many countries. The developing and underdeveloped countries are struggling hard to counter the rapidly growing and widespread challenge of COVID-19 because it has greatly influenced the global economies whereby the underdeveloped countries are more affected by its devastating impacts, especially the life of the low-income population. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) were particularly useful in spreading key emergency information and helping to maintain extensive social distancing. Updated information and testing results were published on national and local government websites. Mobile devices were used to support early testing and contact tracing. The government provided free smartphone apps that flagged infection hotspots with text alerts on testing and local cases. The purpose of this research work is to provide an in depth overview of emerging technologies and recent ICT developments to combat COVID-19 Pandemic. Finally, the author highlights open challenges in order to give future research directions.


COVID-19, Information and Communication Technology, Emerging Technologies, Coronavirus, Pandemic