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The Blockchain-Based Decentralized Approaches for Cloud Computing to offer enhanced Quality of Service in terms of Privacy Preservation and Security: A review.


Arun Kumar B.R and Komala R


Vol. 21  No. 4  pp. 115-122


In the recent past enormous enterprise applications have migrated into the cloud computing (CC). The researchers have contributed to this ever growing technology and as a result several innovations strengthened to offer the quality of service (QoS) as per the demand of the customer. It was treated that management of resources as the major challenge to offer the QoS while focusing on the trade-offs among the performance, availability, reliability and the cost. Apart from these regular key focuses to meet the QoS other key issues in CC are data integrity, privacy, transparency, security and legal aspects (DIPTSL). This paper aims to carry out the literature survey by reflecting on the prior art of the work with regard to QoS in CC and possible implementation of block chain to implement decentralised CC solutions governing DIPTSL as an integral part of QoS.


Block-chain technology, cloud computing, decentralized, privacy, security, transparency, trust model, quality of service.