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New Detection Cheating Method of Online-Exams during COVID-19 Pandemic


Amr Jadi


Vol. 21  No. 4  pp. 123-130


A novel approach for the detection of cheating during e-Exams is presented here using convolutional neural networks (CNN) based systems. This system will help the proctors to identify any kind of uncertain event at the time of online exams, for which most of the government’s across the globe are recommending due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the institutions and students across the globe are badly affected by their academic programs and it is a challenging task for universities to conduct examinations using the traditional methods. Therefore, the students are attending most of their classes using different types of third party applications that are available online. However, to conduct online exams the universities cannot rely on these service providers for a long time. Therefore, in this work, a complete setup of the software tools is provided for the students, which can be used by students at their respective laptops/personal computers with strict guidelines from the university. The proposed approach helps most of the universities in Saudi Arabia to maintain their database of different events/activities of students at the time of E-Exams. This method proved to be more accurate and CNN based detection proved to be more sensitive with an accuracy of 97% to detect any kind of uncertain activity of the students at the time of e-Exam.


E-exam, CNN, Proctoring, Cheating, Covid-19