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Branding and Advertising on Social Networks: Current Trends


Tetiana Trachuk, Olga Vdovichena, Mariia Andriushchenko, Olha Semenda, Maryna Pashkevych


Vol. 21  No. 4  pp. 178-185


The emergence of social networks has led to the flourishing of a new golden era of branding, which is a challenge for companies due to the need for creative positioning of companies with an emphasis on building trust and loyalty to the brand. Consumers are becoming more demanding and due to a wide range of products in different markets, make demands that are more stringent on companies. The goal of this article was to study the main trends of branding and advertising on social networks to develop a new approach to brand promotion. Methodology. The quantitative and qualitative research design was used to determine the main trends in branding and advertising on social networks. The methodology included the following methods: 1) analysis of the relationship between brand value and brand content strategy, 2) content analysis of the content of companies in social networks on the example of 10 world-famous brands with the highest value. The results allowed forming the criteria of effective content and communication: simplicity of content and simplicity of communication, lack of direct advertising of products, emphasis on global socio-economic problems and social orientation, unobtrusive communication, content creativity, indirect information about the product or work, the history of the company's development through various tools. The main content strategies of brands are defined: storytelling strategy; strategy of informing about the history of the company's development; entertainment and information strategy; strategy of joint interaction with the audience through the involvement of well-known influencers or users of products. The theoretical and practical value of the results is confirmed by the conceptualization of the main content strategies of world-famous brands, which are pioneers in new ways to build relationships with users through social networks. The research proposes to use a customer-oriented approach to brand promotion. This means studying consumer behavior and predicting possible changes in behavior, which determines the level of interaction with the brand, the content strategy of the brand, and its effectiveness.


branding on social networks, advertising on social networks, Instagram branding, brand positioning, brand content strategy.