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A Systematic Study of Network Firewall and Its Implementation


Raed Alsaqour, Ahmed Motmi, Maha Abdelhaq


Vol. 21  No. 4  pp. 199-208


This is an era of technology and with the rapid growth of the Internet, networks are continuously growing. Companies are shifting from simple to more complex networks. Since networks are responsible to transmit huge data which is often sensitive and a point of concern for hackers. Despite the sizes of the networks, all networks are subject to several threats. Companies deploy several security measures to protect their networks from unauthorized access. These security measures are implemented from the device level to the network level. Every security layer adds more to the security of the company’s network. Firewalls are the piece of software that provides internal and external security of the network. Firewalls aim to enhance the device level as well as network-level security. This paper aims to investigate the different types of firewalls, their architecture, and vulnerabilities of the firewall. This paper improves the understanding of firewall and its various types of architecture.


Firewall; Firewall issues; Firewall types; Firewall vulnerabilities; Firewall architecture