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Using The Anthology Of Learning Foreign Languages In Ukraine In Symbiosis With Modern Information Technologies Of Teaching


Myroslava Fabian, Olena Bartos, Fedir Shandor, Viktoriia Volynets, Diana Kochmar, Olena Negrivoda, Olesia Stoika


Vol. 21  No. 4  pp. 229-240


The article reviews the social media as an Internet phenomenon, determines their place and level of popularity in the society, as a result of which the social networks are a resource with perspective pedagogical potential. The analysis of social media from the point of view of studying a foreign language and the possibility of their usage as a learning medium has been carried out. The most widespread and popular platforms have been considered and, based on their capabilities in teaching all types of speech activities, the “Instagram”, “Twitter”, and “Facebook” Internet resources have been selected as the subject of the research. The system of tasks of teaching all types of speech activities and showing the advantages of the “Instagram”, “Twitter”, and “Facebook” platforms has been proposed and briefly reviewed.


Higher Education, Foreign Languages, Communicative Qualities, Experiment, information technology.