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Hybrid Model Based Intruder Detection System to Prevent Users from Cyber Attacks


Devendra Kumar Singh and Manish Shrivastava


Vol. 21  No. 4  pp. 272-276


Presently, Online / Offline Users are facing cyber attacks every day. These cyber attacks affect user’s performance, resources and various daily activities. Due to this critical situation, attention must be given to prevent such users through cyber attacks. The objective of this research paper is to improve the IDS systems by using machine learning approach to develop a hybrid model which controls the cyber attacks. This Hybrid model uses the available KDD 1999 intrusion detection dataset. In first step, Hybrid Model performs feature optimization by reducing the unimportant features of the dataset through decision tree, support vector machine, genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization and principal component analysis techniques. In second step, Hybrid Model will find out the minimum number of features to point out accurate detection of cyber attacks. This hybrid model was developed by using machine learning algorithms like PSO, GA and ELM, which trained the system with available data to perform the predictions. The Hybrid Model had an accuracy of 99.94%, which states that it may be highly useful to prevent the users from cyber attacks.


IDS; Cyber Attacks; PSO; GA; ELM; KDD