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Cloud Service Evaluation and Selection based on User Preferences and Location


Zulfiqar Gul Shaikh, Zahid Hussain, Munwar Ali, Aijaz Ahmed Arain


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 29-38


Nowadays an increasing number of cloud service vendors are offering their cloud computing services and resources to the users at competitive prices. Therefore, task of finding suitable cloud service vendor according to the users’ business and operational requirements is becoming difficult day by day. This has led researchers to explore new ways and methods that help the users in selecting suitable cloud service vendor based on their needs and demands. Several cloud service evaluation and selection frameworks, methodologies and algorithms have been proposed over the past many years that have tried to simplify the task for the user to choose a suitable cloud service vendor. This paper focuses on a simple algorithm for evaluating and selecting cloud services which incorporates user preferences and user location / distance from the cloud server. To verify the proposed algorithm, simulations are conducted in MATLAB and comparative analysis of the results is performed with the results from another framework. The outcome of the comparative analysis shows that the results of the proposed algorithm are quite accurate.


Cloud Service Selection, Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Techniques (MCDM), User Preferences