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Artificial Intelligence as A Key Element of Digital Education


Tеtiana Kronivets, Yelyzaveta Tymoshenko, Oksana Diachenko, Tetiana Shabelnyk, Nadiia Ivanchenko, Svitlana Iasechko


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 67-72


The article proposes a typology of the goals of using AI systems, corresponding to three key aspects of understanding education (education as a system, education as a process, education as a result) and corresponding to significant trends in the development of education (increasing flexibility and decentralization of the global education system, personalization of the education process, digital fixation of competence-based educational outcomes). The article describes that in relation to the systemic aspect of education, AI technologies will be able to bring education management closer to the use of methods based on a significant amount of qualitative data and contribute to the formation of evidence-based educational policy. It is shown that problems with the interpretation of the decision-making model in administration directly affect the assessment of the effectiveness of artificial intelligence support for managerial decisions in the educational sphere. It is shown that the process of teaching and upbringing can be personalized and individualized with the support of AI through the formation of individual educational programs by format, by content, by the educational environment; methodological support of training courses; increasing the motivation and involvement of students. The transformation of models of interaction between educational subjects is ambiguous in terms of the impact on the autonomy and responsibility of the subjects, on the results of socialization and upbringing, on the labor intensity and transparency of the educational process, including in the light of the prospects for the emergence of ""human-AI"" systems as a trained agent. In the effective aspect of education, it was revealed that AI is attractive as a tool for monitoring and recording educational achievements and expended resources, capable of clarifying the links between educational activities and results.


artificial intelligence, methods of system analysis, education, productivity, progress, technology, smart devices, digital literacy..