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A Deep Learning Model for Face Mask Detection


A. A. Abd El-Aziz, Nesrine A. Azim, Mahmood A. Mahmood, and Hamoud Alshammari


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 101-106


Corona Virus is a big threat to humanity. Now, the whole world is struggling to reduce the spread of Corona virus. Wearing masks is one of the practices that help to control the spread of the virus according to the world health organization. However, ensuring all people wear facemask is not an easy task. In this paper, we propose a simple and effective model for real-time monitoring using the convolution neural network to detect whether an individual wears a face mask or not. The model is trained, validated, tested upon two datasets. Corresponding to dataset 1, the accuracy of the model was 95.77% and, it was 94.58% for dataset 2.


Face mask, Convolution neural network, deep learning, TensorFlow