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Design and Evaluation of a Smart Household Commodities Replenishment System based on IoT


Alhanoof Althnian, Asma Alradhyan, Wala Maghram, Hussah Almuzaini, and Raneem Almalki


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 111-118


With advances in technology, many people rely on technology to facilitate their lives. One of the important technologies nowadays is Internet of Things (IoT), where multiple things connect to the Internet to communicate and allows smart decision making. Grocery shopping is a repetitive task that people perform on a weekly basis and includes three main steps; knowing the consumption of all items, compiling a shopping list, and going to the grocery store. Therefore, it is a great candidate for automation. This domain is important since it touches on core life’s aspects such as health and nutrition, finance, and time. In this work, we propose an IoT system that offers full automation of grocery shopping. The proposed system includes a smart replenishment algorithm based on user’s consumption. Our evaluation results indicate that the proposed system is able to automate grocery shopping using the smart replenishment, which improves efficiency of household items consumption and reduces waste.


Internet of Things, IoT, smart home, E-commerce, grocery management, grocery tracking, replenishment.