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Features Of The Use Of Internet Resources As A Means Of Stimulating Educational Activities


Iryna Smyrnova, Yuliia Hvozdetska, Kateryna Dovhopolyk, Oleksandr Alforov, Oksana Oliinyk, Mykola Potip


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 156-160


Proficiency in information and communication technologies by university teachers is the basis for improving the quality of education. The use of ICT tools for the creation of educational and methodological support makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the educational process. The competent use of ICT by the teacher increases the pedagogical impact on the formation of the creative potential of the student. To improve the efficiency of using new infocommunication technologies in the educational process, it is necessary to improve the quality of electronic teaching aids and software, for which it is necessary to develop scientific and technical cooperation of universities on this issue. With the accumulation of educational information resources, innovative technologies will take a worthy place in the educational process of the university, and it will become possible to form, on their basis, different levels of training and retraining programs for specialists.


information technology, communication technologies, education system, educational process, ICT competence.