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Multi-Layer Privacy-Preserving (MPP) Mechanism for Protected Health Information (PHI) In A Health Campaign Management System


Syarulnaziah Anawar, Muhammad Hafiz Jamil, Zakiah Ayop, Nurfadzilah Othman, Norharyati Harum, Erman Hamid, and Suzana Zambri


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 210-218


Health campaigns can be an excellent method for health care systems to empower people and communities to a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, it can also reduce non-communicable disease cases. A health campaign management system involves various parties, such as campaign participants, campaign managers, health professionals, and stakeholders. The main drawback of a health campaign management system is the difficulty of the organizer to manage data for campaign participants in large groups. Specifically for data privacy, the organizer does not have a guarantee to protect the participant information, particularly protected health information (PHI), according to the different types of users in the system. Therefore, this paper proposes multi-layer privacy-preserving (MPP) mechanism to protect PHI data in a health campaign management system. The proposed MPP mechanism integrates multiple models of access control, which are role-based access control (RBAC) and attribute-based access control (ABAC) with dynamic data masking architecture. The integration of ABAC, RBAC, and data masking will overcome the difficulty of the dynamic data masking architecture in separating the authorized users to provide full access to the real data. The proposed MPP mechanism will provide a holistic privacy-preserving mechanism for the health campaign management system.


Privacy; Data masking; Access control; Health system; RBAC; ABAC