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Achieving a Secure Information System by Creating Person-Word-Sound Signature




Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 219-223


Different wave files will be analyzed in order to create a wave file signature. This signature can be used later by any recognition tool to recognize the person and the word. The results of sound analysis can be used to create a sound password which can be used in any information system project. The purpose of this paper is to investigate sounds and select appropriate parameters to create a sound signature for each person- word. The selected parameters values for each person-word will use a set of parameters values and this set will be used as a signature and we will prove the set used to create different signature are different in values. In this research a new model based on a local binary pattern will be introduced. This model will be implemented using various spoken words and phrases for different persons to insure that the extracted features are unique for each person-word.


Wave file, sound signature, sound parameters, signature set, LBP, ANLBP.