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Assessment of Investment Potential of Regions Under the Impact of the Potential-Forming Space Transformation


Halyna Samiilenko, Serhii Kyrychenko, Yurii Kravchyk, Hanna Svinarova, Anna Shevchenko


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 250-256


One of the leading factors in improving the functioning of domestic economic entities and increasing their level of capitalization in the restructuring of the Ukraine’s economic system is the formation and effective use of the region’s investment potential, which should be considered the most important element of the region and its potential-forming space. Taking into account the above, it is important to identify and determine the impact of the transformation of the potential-forming space on investment activities of the region based on the assessment of its potential. In the presented article, the authors propose to determine the level of investment potential of the regions of Ukraine based on the methodology, which consists in the consistent implementation of five stages. The application of the developed algorithm for estimating investment potential is carried out using such methods as statistical, graphical, standardization, index and cartographic. The implementation of specific quantitative calculations according to the above method of assessing investment potential in the regional context allowed to divide the regions of Ukraine into groups according to the calculated complex coefficient of investment potential, which in further research can serve for the development of ways to improve the functioning and development of the investment process


investment potential; region; potential-forming space; investment process; transformations; innovations