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Meta-Atom Based on Split Ring Resonator for Bio Sensing Applications


Saira Soomro, Nadeem Naeem, Sajida Parveen


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 268-270


This work presents a biosensor operating in the microwave frequencies. This structure is based on meta-atoms for S band applications such as quality sensing of consumable goods. Modelling and simulations are carried out through commercially available 3-D electromagnetic solver in this research. Initially, a square meta-atom resonator made up of a highly conductive copper based micro strip line with a small split gap in the centre was built and optimization was run to function at a particular frequency of 2.35 GHz. Transmission and reflection curves were obtained in the first stage when nothing is presented on the surface area of biosensor, and then three different dielectric materials with various dielectric constants, namely 3.4, 4.6, and 5.8, are applied in order to observe its characteristics. During each step of the dielectric coefficient adjustment, a maximum change of about 99.9 MHz in the core resonant frequency is noticed. This has shown that the proposed meta-atom split ring shape may be utilized as a biosensor for sensing biomaterials such as tissues and other cells. Our simulation results have also revealed that this device can also be used for biological materials with diverse dielectric constants which have been discovered by earlier open investigations, and that it is a reliable device for biomedical sensing.


Meta-atom; bio sensing; Split Ring, S-band