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The Current State Of Distance Education In Ukraine: Problems And Development


Myroslava Ткасhuk, Anatolii Rebryna, Andrii Rebryna, Larysa Korzh-Usenko, Olha Kostiukevych, Tetiana Shablii


Vol. 21  No. 10  pp. 324-328


The article is devoted to the characteristics of distance education and online education as its modern and most popular type. The growing commonality and expansion of the world information space caused by the processes of globalization have led to a significant simplification of communication processes, both between individuals and between institutions and countries. The idea of distance education, which previously used mail, radio and television, could not fail to capture the benefits of online communication, and today online education has become a leading trend in the development of pedagogical technologies. Features and differences of the current stage of development are highlighted in detail distance education, the pros and cons of this form of training organization.


higher education, distance education, education system, information, globalization.