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Cyberbullying Detection in Twitter Using Sentiment Analysis


Chong Poh Theng, Nur Fadzilah Othman, Raihana Syahirah Abdullah, Syarulnaziah Anawar, Zakiah Ayop, Sofia Najwa Ramli


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 1-10


Cyberbullying has become a severe issue and brought a powerful impact on the cyber world. Due to the low cost and fast spreading of news, social media has become a tool that helps spread insult, offensive, and hate messages or opinions in a community. Detecting cyberbullying from social media is an intriguing research topic because it is vital for law enforcement agencies to witness how social media broadcast hate messages. Twitter is one of the famous social media and a platform for users to tell stories, give views, express feelings, and even spread news, whether true or false. Hence, it becomes an excellent resource for sentiment analysis. This paper aims to detect cyberbully threats based on Na?ve Bayes, support vector machine (SVM), and k-nearest neighbour (k-NN) classifier model. Sentiment analysis will be applied based on people's opinions on social media and distribute polarity to them as positive, neutral, or negative. The accuracy for each classifier will be evaluated.


Sentiment analysis; Cyberbullying; Twitter; Machine Learning