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DetGas: A Carbon Monoxide Gas Leakage Detector Mobile Application


Farhan Fikri Mohd Kamaruddin, Ana Hadiana, and Anitawati Mohd Lokman


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 59-66


Many incidents of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning have occurred because of people being unaware of its presence. There are currently available systems on the market, but they are limited to measuring CO in a certain area and lack vital functions. Additionally, little to no evidence-based information on their quality was available. Thus, a mobile application for detecting CO gas leakage in a vehicle and critical features to assist victims was developed. A usability and functionality test were conducted to determine the product's quality utilizing nine usability and six functionality task scenarios (n=5). Then, a System Usability Scale test was performed to obtain system satisfaction, usability, and learnability (n=50). The usability and functionality test shows that all the tasks given for both tests were 100% successful. The overall score obtained for SUS was 71.4, which indicates good acceptance and usability. Around 20% of respondents claimed that they would need the support of a technical person to be able to use the application and that they needed to learn a lot of things before they could use the application, which indicates the overall high learnability of the application. The result provides empirical evidence that the CO gas leakage detection mobile application is successful and receives good usability, functionality, acceptability, learnability, and satisfaction assessments. DetGas could benefit automobile owners and other stakeholders by mitigating the risk and harm associated with gas leaking that exceeds the safe limit.


CO Gas Leakage Detector, System Usability Scale SUS, Task Scenario