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Cybercrime in the Economic Space: Psychological Motivation and Semantic-Terminological Specifics


Vitaliy Matveev, Nykytchenko Olena Eduardivna, Nataliia Stefanova, Svitlana Khrypko, Alla Ishchuk, Olena Ishchuk, Tetiana Bondar


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 135-142


The article reveals the essence of cybercrime, approaches to understanding this concept, classification of cybercrime, and other illegal acts in this area. The concept of cybercrime has multi-discourse nature and a certain legal uncertainty. Cybercrimes, their forms and types are analyzed in the economic context. The research vocabulary of the economic industry is defined. The scope and content of concepts denoted by the terms of the sphere covered by cybercrime are studied, and its types and forms are analyzed. The article studies problems, achievements, and prospects of resisting and combating cybercrime during the development of the civil information society and Ukraine's entry into the global information space. The study focuses on the economic motivation of most cybercrimes since some material benefit from the fact of cyber offenses is assumed directly or indirectly.


cybercrime, interpretation contexts, semantics of definitions, research vocabulary, polysemantics of terminological culture